Saturday, March 2, 2013

Diamond Jewellery United Kingdom

United Kingdom has many fine jewelry from gold, gems, diamonds, and other valuable objects, which formed a necklace, ring, scepter, crown and tiara British Empire. Of the many jewels owned by the United Kingdom, there are interesting things in which there are 9 pieces of jewelry are shaped and made ​​from a single block of stone diamond.

Yep, it's called a diamond stone Cullinan Cullinan Diamond or Diamond, diamond stone is very large and weighed 3106 carats. There is a fascinating history of this Cullinan diamond stone. It was that giant diamond was first discovered in diamond mining in the Pretoria South Africa in 1905. Mining leader was thought that the stone was just plain worthless crystal because the size is too big, so throw it away (though if he knew that it was real diamonds are very valuable, it may be a different story).

UK's Largest Diamond Stone - Cullinan Diamond
Replica Size & Shape Original Cullinan Diamond

Then a scribe found the "crystal" and realized that it was real diamonds, and sent him to London for the estimated price. But for 2 years unsold diamonds because the size is too big and the current technology it is difficult to cut the diamond giant.

Until finally the Prime Minister decided to buy diamonds and presented to King Edward VII - King of England, and the diamond was given the name of the leader of the mine: Thomas Cullinan. King Edward VII then ordered to make the jewels of the diamond. It creates Bross, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, wands, and the Crown of the British Empire were amazing, just from a diamond stone.